Brian R. Bisgrove, 1976–1998, Patron and Co-founder

I am very pleased that you are interested in hearing about our programs for Catholic youth formation.

By way of introduction I would like to tell you a little about how I became involved with the Legionaries of Christ and their youth work. My son Brian was discerning a priestly vocation with the Legion of Christ and attended their apostolic school in New Hampshire. He received excellent spiritual, intellectual, human and apostolic formation during his four years of study with the Legionaries. Upon completion of high school he discerned that God was calling him to the lay life but with a special mission; he saw a need to bring the formation principles that he had received to all youth. His formation was a great gift that imprinted within his soul a true zeal for life and he was convinced that he could help others find the same zeal if only they could come to know Christ and to embrace His plan for their lives.

He enthusiastically embraced his mission and with the help of local businessmen and the guidance of the Legion he identified major problems and potential solutions. He began a simple club program for boys similar to what the Legion was doing in Mexico. Our culture was different so there were different problems but to Brian that just meant more opportunity.

God had some specific challenges ahead for Brian. Three years into his work he contracted cancer. He did all he could to overcome the cancer but after two years of suffering he died. The formation he had received while studying with the Legionaries of Christ was very apparent. He lived this portion of his life demonstrating a great zeal for souls and accepted his suffering and death with a great sense of Joy! His birth into Eternity was February 10, 1998.

As a father the loss of my son was not easy, but seeing how Brian accepted God's will and enthusiastically lived his suffering convinced me that Christ surely has a plan for each human soul and that I must do whatever is necessary to see that Brian's mission is continued. Our youth deserve to have every opportunity to come to know Christ and to receive the formation that will encourage them to embrace His plan for their lives.

Those whom Brian touched have continued the work that he started. By the Grace of God we have been able to integrate humble beginnings with the great work of the Legionaries of Christ. We are now serving the Church throughout the US and Canada by forming young men and women to be strong Catholic leaders who know and embrace Christ's call for their lives.

Sincerely in Christ,
Jack Bisgrove